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A Brief Introduction to the Structure of the Universe & a Discussion of the Physical Properties of Some of its Objects

Simply stated, the universe is everything with which we are physically connected,
our ranches and federals, our churches and factories.
It is thought to be rather clumpy. There are certain backyards
through which you must never pass. Before we step into the night
we must first examine how we and our neighbors fit into the larger scheme of things.
Before we cut through their spongy backyards, we must study the old maps.
As we become familiar with the constellations and deep sky objects,
we will better know the ferocious movements of the German
Shepherd and the weird window-peering of the old widow.
As we become familiar with the map, the sky will become a friendlier place.
Quasars are intrinsically luminous. Darker regions
extend in all directions. Make a fist. The dark inside is like this.
One factor that complicates our study of the universe is that
everything is in motion. Before we moved in, someone else lived here.
For the most part, what connects us with the rest of the universe is light.

Posted 07/28/10
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