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From a Handbook For Hanging Signs

And after, refuse the future. Corporate by lamplight, by buzz-
buzz. Because you are dangerous, you must not enter the way
cool people do, making stylish jokes and eating Twix.
Do not touch doubtful things. How
easy this house, the family like migratory geese.

First of all, the national holiday. Second, the luau.
Gone is the grammar crisis room, the hot
hot sentence though which the cool wind blows.
If you choose correctly, a brilliant future awaits your
Japanese musk, home from Iraq.
Keep walking after getting off at the wrong stop.
Let’s drink and sing! No,
maybe fill with nectar, maybe loon, maybe noon.
No crying for parataxis! Loom
oily and numerous. Give yourself to lull.
Please relax inside, remove the stick
quietly from the jay’s nest.

Refuse the dangerous object, doubtful thing. I
shelter those who can’t go home. Easy. Oh,
today is under construction. Thanks for asking:
under a quilt of inquiry I was born. If
venom pours from the wound, find a telephone.
When not only called but returned from the dead,
Xerxes will name himself the sea.

Your mind will burst open like a sun in sub-
zero weather. And after

Posted 01/21/11
First appeared in Peaches and Bats number 6 (Summer 2010)
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