About Us

Ink Node is a new model for how a literary magazine can work. What makes us different?

[1] We don't have issues. We're publishing new poetry on a continual basis, and featuring one new, never-before-published poem on our homepage every week.

[2] Subscription is free, and delivery is instantaneous. Subscribing to Ink Node is as simple as clicking the orange "Subscribe" link on our home page. Your favorite feed reader takes care of the rest, and as soon as new work appears, you'll know about it within seconds. Of course you can always simply come back every few days — you know where to find us.

[3] Our editorship is viral. Writers published on Ink Node get to bring, in turn, other writers that they admire and are excited about onto Ink Node — thereby creating a diverse, unified aesthetic that grows on various fronts, like a thicket.

[4] Our pages are nonlinear. There's no single order that the work we publish is meant to be read in. Like the "stigmergy" of an ant colony, we allow reader behavior to dynamically organize pieces in proximity to other, related pieces. This means that discovering new writers is easier than ever.

[5] We're out to create a conversation. Every piece published on our site has room for comments and discussion below it, helping to bring authors into contact with readers and readers into contact with each other.

Meanwhile we're also trying, quite simply, to bring together some of the most exciting writing being done today. And we're just getting started.

Start reading if you haven't already, and feel free to contact us with any thoughts, comments, questions or suggestions.

Thanks for reading.


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