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Adam Cornford

Adam Cornford Adam Francis Cornford, born in England, came to the United States as a student in 1969. From then until 2015 he lived almost entirely in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he worked as a commercial painter, youth counselor, teacher, professor, and freelance editor and writer. Cornford was an early collaborator on the underground office and information workers’ magazine Processed World, for which he edited, wrote, and drew. From 1987 until the closure of that institution in 2008, Cornford led the Poetics Program at New College of California in San Francisco and also taught in its undergraduate Humanities program. His poetry has appeared in numerous magazines in print and on the web, and he has published three full-length poetry collections. Major influences and preoccupations include science (physics, biology, computer science), science fiction, surrealism, and the work of William Blake. He lives in the California desert south of Palm Springs, near the Salton Sea.

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