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Red Venice

for Y.F.

 Dans Venise le rouge/ Ni un cheval bouge (In red Venice/ Not a horse is moving) –Alfred de Musset, written before he had seen Venice


In solitary London

all the stone steps are connected


In brave Accra

dolls float in the lagoons


In silent Munich

night has a long tongue


In drifting Chicago

iron hammers fall slowly


In ascendant Minneapolis

the tall mirrors have wheels


In frozen Paris

children can breathe tulle


In fragrant Ulan Bhator

knife-grinders hymn the moon


In crenellated Mumbai

craneflies invite thunder


In shiny Dallas

a rooster screams among certainties


In bored Asuncion

the bishop dissects a virgin


In vacant Shanghai

acrobats own the streets


In luminous Harare

only obsidian has wings


In blue Santiago de Cuba

no moths are arrested


In crystalline Akron

willows bend to the crows


In ghostly Novgorod

great mantids tiptoe


In muscular Rome

apartments open like books


In smooth Cuernavaca

a wind-spirit caresses herself



Posted 01/24/16
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