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Badger’s Speech to the Audience

There are always two parties to a loss. Not only
am I lonely in my parts, but the parts themselves

are lonely, as when the glimpse of a particularly
sordid wallpaper unaccountably chokes one

with anxiety. As the speaker goes, I don’t remember
my past; he’s making it all up as he goes

along. Like following someone with your eyes
waiting for them to look back, but they don’t turn

their head. A horizon line of waiting. He relocates
it, creating an amusement park in a former

hunting preserve. There are answers everywhere, pulling
at the gutters. Good people, assuming I’m out of character

what could we possibly have in common? Prints
are all we have to go on. Luckily, our knees

are touching, freeing us from the drudgery
of being useful. Luckily, we’ve all fit into

this boat. Though, you look as if you’ve bitten your
tongues. I simply won’t play if you’re going

to be like that. No? I apologize. Dear
sirs and madams, I recognized you at once; you are objects

among things! I’ll lick your hand, presumptuous though
you are. You can paw my paws. Imagine this were all

happening off stage. I hold my role as I hold
my soul. Let me go; protect me from yourselves.

Posted 09/10/11
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