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the incapacity to /hear/ anything but my/he r/self a , floundering
in time can,t lookup head d,wn eyes on the paper equals letting
alone w/ the sound of words blocking erasing#muting one another

, seems to be based on the me,leaning of the words—a sort of jump

     in the midst of so much stacking in the of so m,     stay,king on in the
          midst of all the qu,i,etness of this

—but its warm qui,tness—absorptive and s,ft pushing p,st where
oneme can’t p,sh—

not really deflective in its

      where can staying can

occur as a not shying—piled plied lied down, agains
     w/o slip a muting sucking up of one another an absorption of breath
       as paper
        if she was not /here/self then cont

iny,u,us continuation flounders    absolutely where must at least broach
       the question and squint then
   continue she /heard/self would not figure a very actual shifting
    aground of the absolutely where.  Wouldn’t
          have to justify this so must where
      question she must this is absolutely
          getting across

temporarily referential ask a question in another risk.  through the idea
the other sense that this that
this that this there for recedes

 shutting doors without asking.  could tell me from across the room.  no
           pronounce,ment, just thank yous

  for the absence of dialogue. fall for the absence how much space to the
  outbreath friction not mine not

   a fiction but in repeating to cough and meshenotmine mine for a long
  time numb,
/three times in the last three days would would to do and say , , ,  Eyes/

    ness of friction for a long time support against rushing sh,me to keep
       on like this just
          at the bottom
of the page but across pages across books and screens.  now one can be
          done. now one can be done.  with

this think Aye,m not looking not looking this is a reason reading agains.

empty pages sandwiched between used ones happen three times in the
last three days would would to do and say  hI
Posted 07/28/12
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