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she deictics she

she will not imply being inside and both hanging on desperately and
regarding her own presence.
      With acute not knowing, when

    they might have might; physical
strain released might be turned                                                        out turned

out to being there’s a begins;                                                      use of deictics,
to go and be singular

to go and be                                 singular and yet, singularized
        —facing formal considerations, discursive resonance, she has to keep

rather than imply being inside and both
the writer and the time
   inside is push-held in first person congruence

of the writer here.                                                                                   I. deictics
 II. I deictics of the writer more than anything else.  As much
          as anything else.
Merciless storied.

set in by an outside so far.
You could be forgotten.
        remember this is;
warns might furthest so far might never come
        out hangings on between what is in and out

the all-too act of doing this time.                   Too frequent t n e u q e r f   o t.

set by

you could be forgotten, remember.

when knowing when the where might speak when when might     speak on
the inside.                             Released physical strain invariably speaks thou.
           when knowing when one might, on the inside release physical strain


Do you know what I mean?

She has to keep in the wake of the acute no-ness of how long;
they will
         how deeply one’s sense of having or being when invariably projected.
Stance changes to project. 
When on the measure how deeply one becomes
in places the                                                              furthest so far might never.


     Note to open with words but to sing and singularize.

That visitor would have experience, the kind of thinking processes        she
processes she processes
collects several to go                                                                 with certainty, no
      small part in order
has turned from irony to the most common deno

minatory denotory connation—to go with
several she         goes on projecting social withness and the express sense in
occupies to go                                                                                  and be singular
         —how long

how long will be kept on the inside by                                                 definition
        to be

to begin invaded the frequent
   est stance / stint regarding remembering these merciless stories a:
suspicion of measures                        b: of hows when they might have might

might turn out to be prominent in the use of deictics and the way she
erases her own physic
reality in order for the physical withness to response         with certainty; to
             note open with words.
She will not                                                                                                 could not
with several                                                                                                      words
go and sing                                                                                                be ingular.
Posted 07/28/12
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