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Alex E. Balm

Alex is a poet and theorist fascinated by concepts and paradigms such as metamodernism, which is a concept largely misunderstood these days and mistaken for latter day postmodernism. Alex writes poems that expose the vulnerability of the self in search of meaning and self-realisation, a concept used by Carl Gustav Jung, and the referent of which is essential to any paradigm that wishes to pass as metamodern.

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Forgetting *********** I'll slowly forget your words I'll stop checking your status And your photo will slowly recede In invisibility Easier to pretend you didn't exist You never said what you said Nor promised you'd be there And i'll gradually get used to not writing to you, first Then not writing at all For every key will stir up the wound Of the ego and heart your words have nested in then wrenched away With every silence
05/13/14 4:07am