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It’s not a choice

What we do in sleep 

Mercy killing

3:06 a sprout 

of yellow crowding 

the person you 

don’t love an emptying 

of thought can’t get to it all 

in one session how do you 

like it on top or from 

wrist pressed flat

your snow of tongue



to shave my legs

today less air pressure 


in my job search

more realism

in my twelve dollar 

milkshake my glut 

money spends better 

than if I aged my skin 

with labor I age 

my skin with labor

every day 

new death certificates 

print monday

on my throat


remorse tastes 

like fennel I imagine

the bottom of my love

returns each morning

with the toast some 

choices I make 

serenity blend 

plus honey wait

for the flavor

center my hips 

for the work

identity depends upon

health benefits

burn the death in

non-working fireplace

but the smoke only 

makes me tar full

a beautiful little dark

my tea / my ritual

this movement in my chest

reminds me  

(getting older only means you like other people / less)

a track pad developed 

for my particular pressure

sensory details

I trace

the google map 

of how

I got here weight 

in my belly says

I am a woman now 

there is nothing you can steal 

from me above the fridge

containers with possible

use someday a hand searching

my skirt for follicles 

leftovers: another box

inside there sits a threat of odor 

in this cab ride growing

older as the fare does

it’s a little magic trick

I can be as bad as him

just don’t tell me how

beautiful I am today or

stop me while crossing

the street I’ve got this 

I can be just as bad

alone in the backseat 

afternoon shut inside

the lover taken against

a wall / mauve flowers

liter box of wine holding

myself against a stranger

on the Q   pole between us

velocity of coming 

to a halt

don’t tell me

       this isn’t a bedroom

I have eyes don’t I

have a mouth 

so things are pretty 

much the same

only this body 

of water is dying

or is dead already 

a constant

drip to the flood

letting you rush 

a part of me

I’ve never fully owned


Posted 11/13/14