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Staying With the Theme of Clicks

I want to say that the sound is new to me,
of broken electronics mimicking rain,
but my body is surrounded by science
and I live to take it apart.
There is an argument on the street below,
dance music overhead,
a pot is overturned on the balcony;
these occur predictably,
accidents slip into rhythms
impossible to snap.
The challenge today
is to find some space in between
and wedge it open,
add some swing.
It happens on a porch back home;
a Ball jar unscrews itself
and spills. There is no one for miles.
A dog hears a beeping noise from above
and tries to ignore it.
A rumor is being passed around
the nursing home that an old man denies.
I’ve never seen him like this.
His mouth is misleading,
but certainly kissable.
Posted 11/22/10
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