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Corres 9

Imagine a mercurial cryptic loop of time, identical in speed and force to all other forms of times but flooded with a certain shift of adjectification that would potentially change both your memory of the past and affectations on the future, all projected in shadows from the light of the present that casts a shadow on all forms of et cetera. Life in the meat of the sandwich, hypothetically. Through a tunneling pinhole that moment, travelling from the rapids of the river, passes through you and some fools might even say that time would be wasteful to think as it is all happening. "So this, I shall point out, is the thing that is on my mind, crushingly visible as one was passing through fire and a swamp fog at the same time." All this is happening while I have once again found a long lost friend by accident. Curiously, what’s on my mind? A certain amount of disbelief and dubiousness about her relationship to the very corners of reality that precipitate around us. It was a phone call. A rather banal one, and full of so many prehistoric grunts and whistles that it was amazing that anything was conveyed at all. But the thought remains that there is not only aftershocks to thoughts, but afterthoughts to afteractions as the fact of the matter is that she has swam in my pools again. I disdain the situation. Ages of irrational, erostratic daydreams for 30 seconds of jibber-jabber. And the thing I find most funny is the fact that I was walking down the street after giving what one might call lip service to a woman older than you are as it happened. A de-sectored phone call as she was in her own inconstancy. I remember remembering as the memories were processed that I had hung up the phone multiple seconds before and was looking around suddenly finding myself through my walk of capitol hill back at the tully’s on broadway where I kissed my first black girlfriend. There is no blueprint of this thing that I was formerly talking about: the truth is that the mind of timely women, unlike bubblegum, cannot fit around one’s tongue.

Posted 11/17/09
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