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Content is a Glimpse

~found in an interview with Willem De Kooning, talking about “The Women”(1963)

Because the smile was something to hold onto
Because I wouldn’t know what to do with the rest
Because I was thinking about Gertrude Stein
Because it always turned out to be beautiful
Because with dedication to fright
Because I felt myself getting flustered
Because this was their problem, not mine
Because all this silly talk about line, color and form
Because it’s really absurd to make an image
Because it’s got two eyes, a nose and mouth and neck
Because I really could never get hold of it
Because I put it in the center
Because it’s very tiny
Because they seem ferocious
Because it’s rather like Mesopotamian idols
Because maybe it’s sexual
Because maybe it’s like a pun
Because how long can you stay on the stage
Because it’s kind of silly
Because I wasn’t concerned
Because it almost petered out
Because if you pick up some paint
Because I have to follow
Posted 02/28/13
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