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Francis Bacon Paradelle

~ found within interview of Bacon by David Sylvester (1966)

I believe that art is recording.
I think that art is reporting.
Prefer working from photographs.
Please give me a handful of photographs.
If art is thinking by working, then
photos report I believe.

In attempting to trap this image,
I’m attempting to trap this image.
I’ve hoped to put things rawly,
I’ve always hoped to put things rawly.
This image so rawly and trapped
is hoping to attempt this I.

I wanted to paint the scream
the scream more than the horror.
People tend to be offended by facts,
people tend to be offended by truth.
The truth is that facts tend to scream,
and I want to be offended by paint.

People believe distortions are injury
and possibly distortions are an injury.
I long for people to tell me,
to tell me where I go wrong.
Believing distortion, I injure and long,
people are wrong, telling me go.
Posted 02/28/13
from a series of poems found within artist's writings
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