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Dancing with diablo

I want to tell you about a kid He’s special but he’s dancing with Diablo He couldn’t love because his heart broke And that turned his heart cold The color people no harpo And so he started hitting the bottles So he can drown all of his sorrows You see he was scared to see tomorrow He beat on his chest no Congo You see, he’s just a boy trying to be a man He never had a role model and so he made his own plan He never fell for anything so he made his own stand He likes to hold hands and slow dance He’s a straight up sucker for romance You see he never was a thug and tried to intimidate He wants to love, take some lovely lady on an intimate date He would always give his heart from an indigenous place He learned that that could be more dangerous than venomous snakes But he knows he’s not perfect He learned from all his mistakes He was told as a youngen that he was made to be great He feeling like Steph curry, balling for Golden State As soon as he got a ring, he brought it back to the Bay (bae) Get it? If you didn’t don’t worry I’ll wait Matter of fact, you’ll catch that when you’re drinking koolaid He was hungry for love like he needed 2 plates He went to church on Sundays and Bible studies Tuesdays But for a period of time his mind was under attack it Took a toll on him and caused him to be absent He talked a good game but honestly he was just acting He said God had his heart but it was merely a fraction Because he fell into a routine where he’s safe, he’s in security Because every time he stepped out he noticed his insecurities He’s different but still the same he’s no stranger to you and me But his judgement was impared so that tainted his purity But he’s lost and confused and his heart had been bruised and he’s falling I’m two Lord on his behalf I am calling on you Because I know he’s been picked and I’m not talking interception He walked away from your love and disconnected the connection Metaphorical gps he lost all his direction The devil asked him to dance he shared tangoing with depression Because he knew he had the strength but never felt strong And he knew he had support but always felt alone If you asked him what was wrong he just wants to be left alone his broken spirit left him with dry and melted Bones But I’m telling you he’s a visionary He talks about going places he has never been And if you see this kid he’s gifted and it’s evident And if you here him speak you would think it was heaven sent But he didn’t have the Merry heart which does the body better than medicine Because he’s lost and confused and his heart has been bruised And he’s falling in two Lord on his behalf I am calling on you Because it’s obvious he’s been dancing with Diablo and needs to be delivered From walking into gas Stationd and ordering Swisher’s he would cut them open and take out all fillings To replace it with something to take out all his feelings But he knew better because he grew up as a Christian But somewhere down the line he really got it twisted And he threw out the mission so he could be cool and kick it But no matter how hard he tried he never fit in His mom tried warn him but he wasn’t trying to listen and every time she would talk he’ll tell her she was tripping The people he needed the most he burned bridges And drove distance until God told he was made different He said the reason you don’t fit in You’re not supposed to because I put something in your heart and soul too The devil is trying to spoil you rotten hes trying to mold you I’m just trying to to make my image so let me mold you Son I’ve told you you’re special can’t you see the devil blind fold you and threw you in a fantasy When you were down and low who answered there In order to be great you have to be led to lead I wish he could prosper but he is stuck in his wicked ways He has a sour look on life he’s living a lemon haze He was taught to do right but constantly misbehaves And his words would speak of life but his actions would dig his grave Because he’s lost and confused And his heart has been bruised And he’s falling in two Lord on his behalf I am calling on you Right when I thought it was over and he was about to be captured He dropped down to his knees and called on to the master Where he was told you could either hold on to your burdens and be caught up in your past or Hand them to me and except my wonderful gifts being a prophet teacher or pastor He learned from him pastor and church and community when he wants to quit he can go longer than that And for 7 days when he’s feeling weak he knows he’s stronger than that He let of his pain he’s moving on ward from that Now when he steps up to the plate he’s Barry bonds with the bat Thank you! You saved his life and don’t even know it Spiritually you all wear capes because love Is a super power Thank you for being heroic The kid was about to end his life instead he became a poet I know that because he’s standing here today saying this poem
Posted 08/05/18
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