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I Can Hear Things Over the Phoneline

You are always gone or going.

A refrain from you:
“I am just leaving”
“just headed out the door”

I know there is a difference in the sound of
keys being set down
and the sound of keys being picked up.

ice in a glass.
The clink of empty tumblers.
For once, just stay.

Anyway, it’s too late.
I’m here now
out front.

I drove all morning,
and a few nights,
away from the sticky city
of frozen pizzas in my freezer.

I can see you’re tired, your eyes are sliding away.

lie down
next to me.
Lie down
I will cry you to sleep.

I’ll hang balloons while you’re dreaming
and pop the balloons to wake you in the morning.
Posted 09/05/13
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