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Snow Tease

Snow falls a few seconds at a time

and I think, this snow tease is killing me

then go to my computer and type

this snow tease is killing me

to the four hundred people

I count as friends

some I’ve never met but

know more than my

mother about how

I spend my days


They don’t call me on Sundays or

ask do I now have a cat and three

ferrets because they understand that

not everything on the Internet was

created by me


But they know I love snow

saw me smile mountain high

and ninety-five of them approved,

a good ratio I think


And they like me

well enough when I’m online and

they are too and they forgive my

transgressions like eating meat and

posting too many pictures of my dog


And if they care enough to talk

behind my back they have the whole world

to shield them because mostly I’m

in my house waiting and watching for the next

historic thing to share

Posted 01/20/15
This poem won an honorable mention, national category, in The Joe Gouveia OuterMost Poetry Contest, 2015.
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