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Alex Chilton

Tonight we've emptied our garage onto the driveway & I'm thinking about Alex Chilton
I know I'm not the first one who's ever felt that song come crashing through his skin
to turn a warm spring evening into a jukebox where the moon
fits precisely after “Car” by Built to Spill & anyone
beside you on the patio just sits there & cries
& puts her head on the table while you stare out into the yard
It's the suburbs & that's what music's for

How do I say Alex Chilton you're on a freeway to my heart
It's like the first time I saw Alicia Silverstone in an Aersomith video
& realized I needed to rob a convenience store
Like the first time anyone chased me with a knife
Stash me on your hotline Alex Chilton
Alex Chilton pull the curtains it's 3:00 p.m. I'm stunned &
young & dangerous come on make me
get myself undressed

It's stupid to love like you've got to to live through love
Love like radio love like a fistfight
Love like a vast caldera & the railroad next
Like a chest full of candles to light in her honor
Then in remembrance of her
Love like forgetting each other for good
Like spray paint on the fence
Ash-secret love
Love like one day that dies in the heart of every day since
Like the best kiss you ever had was in a dream when you were thirteen
July driving to California
Parking lot love
Love like the question you're asking that puts me to sleep
Like seven years of lunch & once late at night you call
Love like steps up the hillside
Like angelic graffiti
Like a rainbow you didn't need to go on living &
like the halo inside & like love like love like
every sound at once from a night in summer

Look: in my heart there's nothing but love
moving between joy & desperation
gently as a key change

Awake & waiting for your voice through the open window
I've been up all night
& baby I could almost sing
Posted 03/11/13
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