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Hester and Dimmesdale: Still Puritans After All These Years

The unexpected nuzzle,
the most intimate of hugs
is the taking in
the genuine embrace
sunlight on her skin
one half to the other
his right to her left
the first, last, and every
that admits no other.

The kiss is the taste
of him, the perfect fruit,
and her, the counterfruit
and them, forbidden fruit.

And yet, even as this
alchemy galvanizes
the she and the he
into the intended they,
daylight dissolves
the honeymoon into
dusty particles dancing
between the blinds,
and it is gone.

All that remains is the buzz
in the aftermath about this Pearl,
who causes him to tremble
for fear of being named
in the child’s clear eye, wide brow,
delicate color, marked heart.

Hester is lonely, having been defriended.
Dimmesdale grows frail waiting to be defrocked.
She wears the screaming scarlet A
and he wears the hidden hairshirt
for what they were and are
and always will be.

Posted 12/18/09
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