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Winter Dismissed

In the middle of a snowfall
On winter’s own first night,
I walked out into the dark
And welcomed winter white.

First snow’s flakes, they fell so light
Upon my hands and face,
Kissing me, caressing me,
They set my heart to race.

More snow fell that winter spell
And playful still it seemed,
But after countless flakes had fallen
Of summer I did dream.

Now we’re late in spring’s domain
But yet the snow still falls.
I’m sick with thoughts of shoveling
And this wintry cold, it galls.

The heat of summer breezes now
And an August kiss I crave;
These flakes that fall upon green buds,
They set my mind to rave.

So go, my winter lover, go,
And leave me here to shiver,
Waiting for an August love
To turn this ice to river.
Posted 03/30/10
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