2009 Features

Mar 20
Later in moonfield thoughts would die / becoming root systems
Apr 21
The Grave on the Wall
shimoda is a fleshpot of inferior rank / a man says, Idiot
Apr 28
Trans Manifesto
Have you ever been attacked by a wild boar? Define wild.
May 08
Night Poem
tonight I left Madrid in a moment of shine / exactly as the chord hit the night
May 19
A man is what he thinks about all day
All things / for love–all things for dying / for a direction words / direct
May 22
Pre- proviso
The rabbi used the full weight of his shoulder and cracked the keyboards like crackers.
Jun 23
The Most Beautiful Bibles
We are in the future perfect and we are wearing hats.
Jul 03
[I heard a flawless country song once, understanding that]
a period of singing follows a period of singing.
Aug 04
My periodic darlings
I love you when I mistake your moan for a loon, stitching up the gasp in dawn.
Aug 07
My Midwest Knight
everything was true, as true as anyone’s life, anyone’s growing up
Aug 28
Familiar Deserts
this is where God comes in (apparently) / scooping out the fun from infinity
Sep 08
from Blue Flowers
It is spring again in January and leaves dangle We are ourselves and I imagine
Oct 06
Nobody’s Winter
There were grape leaves we couldn’t / get to, an attic without a home
Oct 09
Sonnet for Sweetypies
Sometimes a sweetypie has nothing to lose / when the black crags crack and muscle
Nov 27
All Year
what’s in the violet / the shepherd from my neck ignited me
Dec 04
Industrial Poem
tremolo of argyle metal in socks / rectangles plus eyes plus pretty speech
Dec 11
Thursday With Borderline
Yes. The fourteenth time already. I will sleep with you when you have ironed your shirt for work.