2010 Features

Feb 19
I am an aging inventor. You are my trophy wife.
I saw your face, but not before / I saw the face of every vacationer
Mar 09
I Cannot Find My Tiny
To keep their ponies safe, the people carried them deep inside of their chest cavities.
Mar 23
A red don’t / walk hand cut // / the night in half / each time it clapped.
Mar 30
Dear lost fragment of youthful / exuberance, you left your shoes by the river.
May 19
Raise the Flag
What’s / half-conceived along / the fading hum I covet
Jun 01
The Grave on the Wall
His shoulders were the first steps, the tail that grew out of his neck
Sep 28
You sit in your body, quietly making blood
Oct 12
From the start
If I can’t be blameless, let me be superior / in my mistakes.
Oct 26
I Would Like to See You More Often
You would like to see me more often but now you are a hermit
Nov 30
The Grave on the Wall
help me / down from my impalement on the star