2015 Features

Jan 20
DADS EAT RICE, TOO (a collaborative poem by the members of OPP: Other People’s Poems)
Dad looked great in his tank top / Dad said, “How are you, really?”
Feb 17
A Monster & A Line Away
I was born to make men cry, / so here I go.
Feb 24
Post-internet is very New York. / Post-internet is very Los Angeles.
Aug 04
Mary Zartman, 
For Your Approval
He tells us what to do with his body. / For his family he will not leave a mess.
Aug 18
The Reason My Hair Looks So Neat All the Time
If Matt Lauer had my lifestyle, / he might not have changed his hair.
Sep 01
As Israeli Practice Runs Send Sonic Booms through the Night
Our egos silent alarms / meant to be tripped – / up. Over. On!
Oct 20
The sun is afternoon’s death / Dude, dude, dude, dude
Dec 30
As a Model for Others
I kneel before a grade school drinking fountain / and think about Rosa Parks as I draw in water.