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One stands in for something and gets the feeling one is always only standing in for something; day from dice. Or, say, how I am waiting on my brother at my brother’s house when one of his buddies comes up and wants to borrow his truck, even though he’s not there.  If it’s gonna be quick, then I’ll just go with you.  He wants to pick up this girl at the mental facility.  Says it’s not the same when it’s voluntary.  She’s outside smoking.  Gets in with a small white rose in her hair.  What you been doing all day, he asks.  Weaving, she says.  And how do you, how does a person weave? he asks.  On a loom.  They have a loom.  You got those summer teeth, he says. What?  She smiles.  Cause some’r goin’ this way, and some’r goin’ that.  It isn’t a rose but a gardenia.  I hardly can see through this fucking rain.


Posted 05/27/11
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