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clinker in glass

clinker in glass

strands of amphetamine clear like liquid glass strung just before hardening between twigs of a blackberry bush where passenger pigeons have fed hoping they return again to accelerate their messages to and from the Front

get back to the dining room with the waters everybody’s gone it’s Agamemnon forgot my lines try to steal a car assuming a gift from the gods hide behind an old stone wall get picked up anyway sign my name at the station Dickie Stokes they cancelled the play

city loses me a search is organized am I a dead girl now keep looking into storefront reflections searching out phone lists calendars engine-sites enter a skyscraper through a ground-floor one- way door locked in a cipher contained in impermeable architecture a passing thought subversive in the trap of a sheer-faced windowless tower leans gorgeous imperious gleaming a cantilevered onyx surface apprehended destitute screen

hitchhike a two-dollar blowjob from Beelzebub need a job map says ice patches indicate water expelled never skied race fleeing behind acoach-and-four Morgan moved to New York fast

in her dream implacable Patti Smith laughs in the next room playing musical chairs with herself haunt me dead old boy friend you always said you would in a huff can’t we play something serious stick it in a spike full of bleach she says there’s a meeting in the building stop keep living in a squat

back at the tents pump and kiss you at the same time let rain make the decision mad product of a pro bono case-worker’s folder the war between solvency and 15 minutes after years the tease of oblivion still needles Honey and Lenny fixing in mixed company thank god I know no one on Colfax Avenue forbidden green sprouting hungry grey flowers of real skin beckon ripe infected

emancipate camps of synapses psychology of moans fingers pleading rescue through chainlink

where I dwelt                              a clinker in a furnace
of glass                                        nicks and other imperfections
nothing to the total ash
Posted 10/01/12
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