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Black Like Me

Let me tell you a fact about myself that almost everyone I meet feels the need to remind me: I am black. I’m so black that I make Micheal Blackson not seem so black, son. I’m so black that in a game of laser tag, I should be permitted to keep my eyes open and and teeth showing otherwise i’d be cheating. I’m so black that you would swear that i’m a vampire, because when i’m in photos with no flash all you see floating clothes. I’m so black that when i’m out for a run people look at me in jaw dropping awe. Speechless that I’m moving so fast, they mistaken me for the Flash but, he’s a white superhero, so that’d never happen! Instead they look at me in grandiose curiosity and ask; “Sir, are you from Africa?” I’m so black that when I mention that I like to watch basketball people roll their eyes to a point that i’d swear their brain rolled right along with them, but when I go to games in cities such as Geneseo, placed between cornfields and wind mills, you would swear that I walked into the Gymnasium in my underwear, the way people silently over stare at me; the odd black man at a basketball game. He must be here for a girl, or to cause some trouble. Maybe we should make eye contact when he doesn’t make eye contact, but if he makes eye contact when we make eye contact, he’ll knock our eye contacts, out. Let’s just not make any contact. I am so black that my teammate in college was stricken with fear at my appearance, but when he heard that my speech was “politically correct”, and saw that my posture was erect, he breathed out in great calm. Because it was evident that I was, white. So white that I make Carleton look like Tupac. So white that I mistaken Malcolm X’s name for Malcolm the Tenth. So white that when someone asks me if got green on me, I think i’m getting robbed. So white that my allwhite friend, from an all white college, in an all white city told me, “You aren’t like the black people on TV”. When I go to the gym to play basketball, people run to me for a challenge, and leave the victor. Scoring 21 to my 16, then tell me, “you must not have inherited it in the genes.” But as for rapping,  when it comes to these sixteens:

I’m sweet like i’m sixteen

Addictive like nicotine

Spit that fire like kerosene

Flipping verses like magazines

Repping Christ as my majesty

And then my friends pause, and do you know what they say to me?

“Oh my gosh, you actually are black!” So I am black, but I am White, or maybe people are just color blind. Shutter blinds closed to any sunny possibility of a no label society. Globular organs shrouded with stereotypical presumptions, assumptions derived from contrived corruptions. Forming these ideas that “acting black” and “acting white” as alright, but it’s not alright if you’re white acting black or black acting white, well it is okay, but just know we’re going to give you a hard time. When you forgot your belt at home and your pants sag a little,  we’re going to say you’re dressing black. Or when your belt is around your waist and nicely fit, we’re going to then say you dress ‘white’, kind of like how the Pharisees, religious leaders of the old judged good and evil by what they perceived with their eyes, as oppose to looking into the heart that lies. When Eloheim said there is no Jew nor Gentile, nor male or female, I believe if he stood in the midst of our color coded community, he would say that there is nor black nor white. I am exactly what I was destined to be; an oddity and comedy. Laughable, because giggling makes sense of something that doesn’t make sense. Ablack who acts white or white who acts black; an oxymoron that gives minds prone to label panic attacks. No one goes to an ice cream store anticipating the flavors to be the same, that’d be lame. Just like a Matrix filled with agents, the Neos bring change. So i’ll forever say i’m the paint splashes in a padded room that can’t  be cleaned up by a swiffer, rag or a broom. I am what I am Because I Am said I am. So you see, it’s not that I am whiter than you, or you’re blacker than me. We’re the same, human beings bearing the same beautiful image. So you’re just black like me.

Posted 12/12/15
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