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There’s something very deceiving about shoes

The way they place urgency in mind

Checks at feet

Persuading us to “Just Do it”

Giving New Balance

Providing Keen sense

Making converts as we converse over Converse above Jordans

Feeling as if we can defy laws of Gravity

Athletically or socially

And apparel tells lies for body as they lie on body

Crafting a false sense of protection

Reflecting a lack or abundance of style

We tie passion into shoes

Embed character into seams of clothing

But what good is it?

To decorate flawed flesh and brittle bones with bountiful fabrics

When the most brilliant crafter

Who intelligently designed man in Genesis

Sees through us better than any X Ray

Surpassing sonograms by revealing our Spirit’s deepest cries

Our fabricated facade figuratively illustrates our


A sickness that can’t be covered by clothes, culture, or clever lingo

This virus can only be terminated

By a Physician labeled as out-dated

Sin Animorphs us

Turning beauties to beasts

Shifting beast against beauty

But our animosity doesn’t intimidate him

For He’s a warm hearted shepherd

Raising temp within cold blooded creatures

Transforming serpents to sheep

Shearing shame away

Yet we run astray

In hopes to stay

Within darkened, discolored coats

Fearful of being black sheep amongst peeps

But when has anything truly stood out and fit in?

These hems and seams that seem to esteem are pipe dreams

Sealing sole satisfaction within temporary fashion

But passion is fastened when we strip away rags for something everlasting

Replacing holy jeans for holy genes

And footwear for feet bare

Undisguised, revealing what’s true

I’m not talking clothes and soles

But how you clothe your soul

For a glass can glimmer on the outside

Yet be stain stricken within

So a vessel can appear clean like teeth to fluoride

Yet be plaque plagued inside

Covering insecurities won’t eradicate impurities

But a Lord long ago left his throne

To be stripped to bone

By whips, tails, and thorns

And hung naked in anguish

So that we could be adorned

Stamping us like the blood stained doors of Egypt

Sealing peace within envelopes of His Love

To deliver us from evil

God desires to leave His burning love upon hearts

Like scorching iron, searing flesh when landed

Assuring us that no matter our transgressions

Our identity shall be indubitably

Posted 06/16/16
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