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Freudian Slip

Forgive me for my awkwardness
In pronunciation, posture, penmanship penned on paper
This ain’t just poetry, but personal publication
A letter that I hope to accumulate courage like snowfall
Sticking to sidewalks, commanding winter winds
To carry it across states to where you are
You’re a poet
So may imagery illustrated in literature
Express how much i’m drawn by your beauty
I mean
If this was Chess, i’d be pawn protecting you queen
I mean, that was weird
Forgive me for my awkwardness
My mind vividly internalized
That first time my attention did turn all eyes on you
Private college, public view
Poetry event, hosted by you
Asked if I wouldn’t mind stopping in
I said yes, if I could be with you
I mean
If you’d be my red to blue
I mean
This is wheel of Fortune, and I want “U”
I mean
Of course I’ll slide through
Drop metaphors at mic, similes so tight
Hoping it’ll impress you by night
And if time’s right, you won’t fight
If I asked for your number
I mean
I won’t treat heart like pig skin, will never fumble
I mean
Insides be gymnast ground around you
Everything turns and tumble
I mean
Thank you for such opportunity, I am humbled
Forgive me for my awkwardness
After you moved and graduated
I made sure I kept in communication
Made sure to not fade in your memory
Replaced with Master’s course material
For classes that took up time
And social life found with new friends
Would push me to back of line
Where ears wouldn’t hear how much you’re on my mind
I mean
Could you be rhythm  to my rhyme?
I mean
Building something between us
Would be a mountain of work
But I’m willing to make that climb
I mean
I’d move to where you are at a drop of dime
I mean
Poet, thinker, thoughtful
You are just my kind
I mean
Nothing meant sexually, disrespectfully
When I desire to wine and dine
As I be attentive to all words spoken
From rich well of your mind
I mean
I wish time could rewind
Every small gesture felt like a pester
A cheap cop out not fully expressing
Feelings that were impressing themselves over sleeves like terrible tattoos
I’d be embarrassed of in public view
Worried bout if they knew
How often I think about you

I mean
How off ten beers I try to stay far from phone
So I don’t text what’s true
Every Facebook like turning to
“Your face look right”
I mean
Every IG double tap becoming
If my mind was a track you’d be killing laps
I mean
Every DM, sent late PM
Hoping you see ‘em
And that my message rings through
That I think you real cool and I enjoy being friends
I mean
I’m really feeling you and wonder if i’ll see you again
Forgive me for my awkwardness.

Posted 07/08/19
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