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To the elderly woman at the grocery store

I noticed your glare of disapproval

As you noticed me, with skin dark as moonless skies

And my wife, with a complexion white as cloud clustered firmaments

As our fingers bonded like vows that tied knots

You wished your bones weren’t so feeble

So you could undo such undignified union

Your hate was scalding water running from lips, out your tea kettle mouth

As ears whistled, steam spewing so sincerely

Our unity rattled your bones to core

As if dread found way through navel passage

Making you shake with every attempt to place canned items on belt

You claim it is out of anger, but your demeanor screams confusion

Baffled to how two worlds can fusion dance

Despite pointed fingers of past, historic hate and disunion

I wanted to tell you about Jesus

How though your heart be blackened by sin

He yearns to interwrap his Grace as white as snow, around your cold shoulders

Rolling your stone hard heart away like the boulder blocking his burial bed

You yearn for an interracial relationship

To the young man at the mall, passing glances past my queen

I noticed your glare, so infatuated

Fantasizing assumptions so good, in fact you at it

Consumed every philosophy received from rhymesayers, nay sayers

Saying white women are like drive thrus

If you’re thirsty, just drive thru

And they’ll fill your cup to the brim for cheap

Regardless if they’re boss man arches over like a water fountain

‘Cause these hoes ain’t loyal

I wanted to meet and greet jaw with jarring jabs

And fracture your favorite Emcees ribs

For painting such a fowl picture of my fiance

But it goes beyond say, that if I were a boy

I’d be crazy in love with all the single ladies

And unsingle, you’re just drunk in, lust

I wanted to tell you about Jesus

How because of him, girls don’t run your world

So you don’t have to objectify, nor passify pictures

Painted by perverted Picassos

But know that a Man dyed black with white

To whitewash wickedness from your riddled canvas

You yearn for an interracial relationship

To the pompous white waiter, I noticed your glare of disbelief

As you sat them at their table

White man with his black wife

A product of a very misfortunate blind date you say

Or maybe the man is an innocent bystander

To this woman with pickaxe nails

Ready to gold dig when opportunity surfaced

The subtle shock on your face was laughable

When ears heard that they were married

It was as if a new world was at feet

Where Yin and Yang can actually intertwine

Where moon and sun could actually align

And not create darkness, but a beautiful light of hope

How I wish I could have told you about Jesus

And how though he could’ve stayed among heavenly hosts

He chose to be us

Touching, healing our our deepest wounds

No matter the ethnicity

Feed us with the little he had

No matter our race

And one day be our groom

No matter the color of our face

You were made for an interracial relationship

To the woman from the countryside, we’ve never met

But you obviously know me

Know me well enough to address my fiance as nigger lover

While proceeding to call me nigger

Those words tied noose around nerves

Mad MLK toss and turn in torment inside grave

Sunk Malcolm Little’s heart deeper than the six inches that encased coffin

While ancestors who broke yoke of slavery felt chains of oppression again

I guess the conduct of character over color means nothing after all

But thank you ma’am, For proving our assumptions about your maple leaf county correct

We just aren’t accepted

And though i’d be completely just to get angry and reckless

Start a riot with fists unapologetically raised high

I remember that winning fights are won down low

Though your punch stung, I still have another unbruised cheek

And a cross I must carry

I remind myself of Jesus

Whose last hour was welcomed by beatings, and name calling

Laughed at while life lost

His shoulders, rubbed raw, endured that rugged cost

Without anger nor vengeance, for his love for Father was worth it all

I am reminded in my anger and resentment

That I yearn for his kind of relationship daily
Posted 06/21/16
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