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Nice Try, Lifetime

Nice try, lifetime

For almost a lifetime you had me write rhymes

From daytime to nighttime, ‘cause lifetime

You really set the bar

Like a monkey bar set for seven foot figures

And my four foot one stature would forfeit one fracture

Break an arm and a leg to attain your standard

If that would attract her

You’re the brain behind that knight and shining armor theory

That main male movie heartthrob, so pristine

For every young girl under age of sixteen

One girl would gather six teens ‘round a big screen

And in each scene his face beamed, they’d all scream

Fall ill, lean

Whole face, turned green

Infected, but I get it

That’s how you make lovesick teens

Drooling over daring genetic mix between

Mel Gibson of Braveheart and Ricky Martin

Fall for these jokers, no different than Quinn Harley

Arms, chest, abs look chiseled with greatest carving

His hunger for chivalry would leave women starving

So i’d take notes and practice

Study how they built flames, then it’d try to match it

Make speech eloquent, act so sensitive

Wear strong cologne, so the scents she would sense it if

I could get a sentence in, she would judge my sentences

Lock me in her eyes and say, “this where you’re serving sentence in”

Though all my antics were tactics, to gain affection with projection

I could not hold this face of phony falsified perfection

Pretending to be all things except the real me

Changing up informal dialogue so noticeably that good friends look at me like, “huh?”

Saying, “how are you all?”, instead of “what up bruh?”

Ashamed of minute things, like the way I chew food with mouth open

Or when impulse causes me to interrupt with words spoken

Or when my perception of reality don’t equal the man of fantasy

And even if it did, it don’t promise to woo a few

So i’ve stop being like them,

And just focused on being true

But nice try, lifetime

For almost a lifetime you had me write rhymes

From daytime to nighttime, ‘cause lifetime

You made it look so easy, breezy

Beautiful covergirl would come and twirl

And guy would hurl a slick line like

“You must be cold, I got your cover girl”

Fast forward, they fall in engagement

Get married ‘round a beautiful arrangement

Walk through line of folks, rice falls to pavement

Happily ever after, marriage seemed easy attainment


I mean, I only tried two times

The first time she said “I do”, but I didn’t ask “do I?”

Time passes by, she cheated so sly

I shrugged like, “that’s fine”

Only to go home, unwind bottles of wine

Then decide to resign, then resign up for another attempt

With a women who now has great contempt

I mean when you build a house on lies like

“Of course I wasn’t talking to that other girl before you

Yeah I know we have a matching tattoo between us two

That doesn’t mean she was ‘bout to be boo, anywho…”

How could you not expect her trust to burn like a house of matches brought to flames

From your tinder tongue striking upon sharp spoken lies?

I was so naive

Believing fantasies that acted behind TV Screens

Were perfect blueprints to build my home

That’d house my ideas of a healthy relationship

With no need to deconstruct that construct

Go on with life, assuming engagement equaled eternity

That my one bending knee would place me permanently in the green

Even if red lights signal stopping points

In haste i’d speed up to run them as if they weren’t there

Believing that if feet were fast enough to cross that finish line, i’d receive a trophy wife

Paying little attention to the training regimen for race ahead

How to condition heart for endurance when honeymoon warmth grew cold

Leaving lethargic legs to learn to run lively through mundane duties

How to prepare for personal space to be less of a normalcy

Exercising balance between independence and codependency

How to cope with strains caused by trust being stretched thin

To point of partner pulling away like a muscle detaching itself from bone

It hurts

And it’d be foolish to blame you for every aspect of pain

But you played a pretty good hand within this game

You’re a camera that captured all true kodak moments well for us

Yet cropped and photoshopped failures and unfortunate events

That’d book our brains, leaving us checked out

You made it seem so easy

And I would’ve continued to fall for it if I didn’t fall from it

But nice try Lifetime

Nice Try

Posted 02/14/18
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