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Old Navy

When they accuse your apparel to be a ticking time bomb

How could they not expect you to blow up?

I’m convinced that retail security systems

Are the most unbiased beings in buildings these days

They don’t base “beeps” off how black or brown bodies be

Yet alarms in eyes of employees will be set off

If you look suspicious to

Individuals who

Only knew minorities through pay per view

I mean morning paper they view

Articles reading,

“A quarter past curfew

Two dudes pull out drive thru to pull a drive thru

Slide right thru, *click*, *click*

*boop*, *boop*

Bullets rip through innocent few

A twelve year old teen and her little nephew”

They group you in same crew

As if all non white feet fit same shoe

As if all sneakers on suspects should suspect to be stolen

When they accuse your apparel to be a ticking time bomb

How could they not expect you to blow up?

When store clerk ask odd inquiries like,

“Do you plan to purchase parka you’re presently wearing?”

You can’t help but bellow laughter to negate nerves and anxiety

Telling you to worry though you did nothing to be worried

Oh, the uncomfortable feeling when check out lines turn to traffic stops

As you sit in front the traffic stops,

Shoppers stare at your back with such intensity

That you can feel heat burn hole through the jacket you supposedly stole

Cashiers copy cops

Giving orders as if of high authority over you

Commanding you to unfixin’ button up and place it on the counter

Wondering what those in rearview think of you?

As you go through self pat down procedure

Pulling out pockets emptied of lint, pennies, and pride

As employees play make believe

Trying to make brains believe their CSI tactics were valid

Feeling for security tags that aren’t there

Scanning the tag instructing you how to wash out guilt -

I mean, how to cycle excuses -

I mean, how to spin-, you know what? This is no time for schemes

I wonder if they know the humiliation they bring

They aren’t just asking you to take off apparel

But ordering you to strip yourself of dignity

So it only makes sense to see explosions

If you accuse apparel to be a ticking time bomb

But some of us are professional bomb squad graduates

Knowledgeable enough to know how to diffuse situations

Adopting wisdom whispered through Red tongues

Remembering Iron snake prophecy that threaten Native Americans

Fangs filled with venomous hate that’d alter fate through violence so great

Despite the weight, their spirits’ never shattered

Never hearts harbor hate held by their colonizers

Nor did they trade integrity for excuses to get ignorant

They kept trust in God’s entity, adopting non violence as identity

Acknowledging that the tussle ain’t between bone and blood

But to sustain soul’s solace sitting behind bone and blood
We must parallel such prudence to our present problems
And honestly ask if we will be like those stripped of peace

Stereotypically viewing others in fear and distrust

Or break cycles bent on building brand of abhorrent actions ‘round our babies brains

And retain character with no plan to change

Will we be those knowing how to diffuse ticking time bombs

Or answer others expectations of us

And blow up?

Posted 02/10/18
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