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Two vowels

There’s two that have been inseparable since the beginning

On the stepping stones of the typewriter, they met

Became closer to each other upon the panel of the keyboard

Joining in Holy Matrimony upon touchscreens

Unrelenting to letting evolving generations break them apart

They were meant to be together

Maybe i’m being overly philosophical as I ponder the journey that these two letters speak

But my mind meditates on U

who believed that life was  plain

Because ‘Mr. Right’ brothers who tried to pilot the life of U  took flight

So U was like Earhart

Traveling solo over a sea of tears the could oust the Atlantic

Only seeing curves derived from flaws

But there was one who saw an amazing aviator


I thought U had arms that were like stone pillars in a Roman chapel

Beautifully crafted and strong

U inspired I

Prompted palms to paint precious psalms

Poetry, pen and paper became prom partners

Pleasantly prancing upon pages, prepositions plus pronouns

I made U a priority

A painting in an art gallery

Amongst many murals was U

One that caught the attention of I

Awakening creativity without touching physically

That would be an offense to God’s imagery

When He’s given I an up close view of beauty visibly

What I is trying to say is how could I disrespect the Artist of U’s body

When there is no ring around the test tube that sparked inward chemistry?

I was honored to have U

For I was impatient of waiting

I felt like clocks and calendars were running sprint relays

As characters around I were winning the race towards wedding bells

The neighbors down the block W and E weren’t known individually, but as “We”

While Jay and Kay down stairs acted silly together, but their relationship was no joke

And I was chasing whatever was left

Only to get caught up going in circles

Round and round and round

But then I spun out on U

So I felt like IOU

All that I had

Because when God made U, He gave it all that He had

As I ponder these two keys on the keyboard

I can’t help but to think about you

You are an answer from countless calls to Heaven

Asking the Father for His blessing to take His daughter out

That fact that you are finally here is proof that Heaven is a long travel from Earth

You and I were like blind-folded fellows playing Marco Polo

Hands out, reaching and grabbing anything we could, to find each other

But when we finally put our trust in the still small voice

Our hands found each others

Where they belong

So you see when I see these letters

That sit so solemnly on the keyboard

I grow in certainty to this truth

Darling,  you and I belong together


Posted 02/12/16
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