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May your righteousness
Be my refuge
Not my physical makeup
That builds, bulks
Behind ribcage and cartilage
‘Cause this vessel
Is only a jar
Formed from fine grained Earth
Collecting cracks
Over body and face
As age reveals itself
Through tag team of two hands
Holding the sun and gravity
One sketching skin
With wrinkles
While other dashes paint splashes
Over bones till brought to ashes
From where they ascended
My we meditate on your grace
As we grow old
Knowing next life loosens
A body that knows no brokenness
Eyes evoking no tears
A heart holding no scars or tears
May our present ponderings
Upon your peace
Propel our posture to
Withholding no cold cup of water
From any thirsting antagonist
Remembering that we were once rebellious
Believing in no division
Within your kingdom
For you broke down bricks
From every building
Built to worship
And made Earth’s surface
Your sanctuary
Of praise for every person
To participate
May we love
The ratchet just as the righteous
As attitudes aim to imitate
May we be in awe of flawed fellows
Forged by your fingers
That make no mistakes
We’re murky mirrors of your hidden holiness
A mere metaphor
Of your perfect poetic poise
Written in invisible ink
Given minds that think
Eyes that blink
Joy can’t sink
Long as we rest under your waters
May indispensable love be our trust
Not systemic solutions
Nor  solely stand on shoulders
Of social justice
These by themselves  are rusty cars
Tires with tired treads
Driven by the engine of your divinity
Steered by your dear devotion
Desiring to drop descendants off
To their destination
May we remember
That you are love
You became
The embodiment of a noun and verb
A flawless feeling
Fallen into failing flesh
Whose acts and ovation
Were in adoration
To God outside nations
From God inside nations
A precious paradox
Sacrificed equinox
A son crossing from celestial equator
Giving life now
Though yours was took later
Yet you rose greater
Now we have favor
Because of retribution you
Unrightfully acquired
All because you desired us
May your love be our asylum
May your righteousness
Be our refuge
Posted 08/06/17
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