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State and Church.

1 The Law be Good,

Till it ain’t good no more.

The Law be God 

Given, and state sanctioned.

5 Concrete as commandments handed to Moses,

Yet wet for fingers of wicked kings to alter to their liking.

Shapeshifting depending which hand holds pen.

Either inscribing pathways toward protection for poor,

Or damning death march for death row murderers

10 Whose hands be bound with no blood.

Though man may reflect on past transgressions,

Repent with purest heart intentions,

Positively transforming personhood and passions,

The Law loses plenty of profit if they pity prisoners,

15 So by design,

                        The Law be unforgivable.

Extending grace to those who bear white face,

Even if crimes committed were dark as skin 

Of those commonly incarcerated and innocent,

20 Both judge and jury stain fingertips 

With homicide, haul human to hog pin,

And call it an act of


Because the law of land is loose,

25 It used to tighten noose, use power to abuse,

Teach children within school that law is always Good.

Preach its inerrancy to the young and ignorant,

Mixing truth and lies

In order to persuade youth in eyes that you and I

30 Get euthanized, accused for crimes,

Follow suit and tie and crucify,

Dehumanize, are you surprised?

The Law must justify how they make a killing,

Before they make a killing.

35 The Law is worshipped by beige bodies,

Who sing praises over rights to pack shotties,

Ride through bible belt, blast bullets and catch bodies.

The Law be church to countrymen who’d kill for Law,

Beat, bruise, break windows for Law

40 Mob down middle of streets with torches for Law,

Break down door with violent forces for Law

But will load tray and spray if felt betrayed by Law

Because The Law be Good

                                            Till it ain’t good no more.

Posted 06/26/20
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