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My story is unfin-

Unfin- as cracked concrete of hometown streets

Rock Island

Up way from Save-A-Lot where my story starts

But remains unfin-

Like the novel of my parents

A Mississippi foreigner and Illinois native

Who came together, wedded after couple months acquainted

Them came me, two, three

Siblings who took a liking to wall scribbling

Some of those drawings remain unfin-

Like broccoli that sat on my plate

Only for few minutes for I didn’t want it to be a cool whip that I ate

Wooden spoons, extension cords put us in check

No privilege of threats, just belt tattoos that stung of regret

Those butt whoopings never went unfin-

Like soiled pants

Dragon Ball Z planted priority over all bodily urgencies

So that number 1 emergency held on bus ride remained inside

While I ran with the tenacity of Hermes towards home

Though such a goal was a failed mission, I accomplished catching my show

We never thought Dragon Ball Z go unfin-

Like my urge for adventure

Driving my soul down giant gravel inclines on inline skates

Past grandmama’s crib during hot summer days

Tumbling terribly, carrying bloody bruises that burned under sun rays

Traveling at speeds that dropped jaws of concerning parents

There, I truly felt that no one could stop me

My yearning for journey will never go unfin-

Like backyard beat downs?

More like after school scuffles

Teaching me the psychology that was fight or flight

I couldn’t fight, so only option was jet

Fly down sidewalks till I ran out of gas

Leaving me to see nosedive into grass

This routine would last from elementary to high school class

Whether being chased, or feeling out of place till problems were outran by my pace

But the race would go unfin-

As my love for running

Which never failed to turn grey skies to something sunny

I chased passion with pride, for a decade long

From state meets to national titles,  my heart sung for running was my American Idol

Yet I felt unfin-

Like my urge for validation

Doing anything to fill the voids in my soul

Whether it meant sneaking out past curfew

Dependant on Grey Goose and UV Blue

Clenched fists with airtight pressure

Pounding pupils till purple permeated

Till cold colt clasped in palm gave me calm

Till lust was fulfilled, and women swarmed

Till shame that lived was dead and gone

My journey for acceptance went unfin-

As school assignments

Shifting focus towards different tasks

Open bottles but bottled broken in flask


Weaved wickedness within


Faintly falling, following foolishness, fleeing


Looked lifeless, losing luster, lacking


My fortune cookie pocket book, pen, pad, poetry

Produced pleading pain filled  prayers to pass parched lips

I wanted God to not let life feel unfin-

Unlike his finished work on the cross

Jesus, a name I knew but never knew, this was new

It was like Hope became and Assembly

That desperate feet would run to after class

And Sunday mornings soon as sun met day

Scripture was no more a book of philosophies

Good luck ideologies

It checked hearts of young and old at door

It desired to ID all OGs

It’s wisdom would never be unfin-

Unalike my old nature

Calls from God’s Goodness ended rings from rebellion

New doors open, old friends found exits

Eyes and feet past me as if I didn’t exist

He gained my soul, I lost the world

Thank God some friendships remained unfin-

As The Great Commission
A mission that changed mind’s intuition

Craving to tell about His Crucifixion

Whether in front of pews of pious peoples

Or spitting truth for those who’ve never seen a steeple

For my children so they will stand in stance of David and fear no evil

To my brothers and sisters who run with me, causing hell upheaval

I pray that the Spirit’s work may never go unfin-

Unfin- in my old bones, when this flesh becomes weak

As I rock in my old wooden chair that meets floors with a squeak

Peering, old eyes out toward sunset

Reminiscing on all things that the Son had set

From that chair my left hand shall grasp my wife’s

While right raises towards ceiling

Giving God gratitude for taking our lives on that Cross

Proclaiming, “it is finished” so soul would not go lost

This story that you hear, everyday that this breathe decide to give cheer

Until death gets its sucker punch, and my grave draws near

Know that the Lord is still painting

Illustrating His image in me

My story, our stories while we’re here are unfin-
Posted 06/16/16
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