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Wasted Words

I’ve wasted words

Left words wickedly wasted without warning

To hearts, they brought burning

Made insecurities start churning

Faces of confidence started turning

Spirits discouraged started yearning, for life

Because this tongue cut like a knife

It’s like a lethal scalpel, I blame it on Adam’s apple

It’s stuck in my Adam’s apple, that there is the prime example

I pushed blame on a fruit that inspired Snapple

Wasting words trying to defend my babel

Others are sickened ‘cause my breath is kickin

Like spartan 300 and Bruce Lee kickin

People’s passions and personalities into prisons

Leaving them downcasted, instead of uplifted

I’m a man of unclean lips, among people of unclean lips

Every word we say is from the pit, poison in every syllable we spit

Dirty mouths like fallen comets, gums in need of Orbit

But that’s not it, the mouth of this wannabe rev runs

Lips dressed in a tracksuit and Adidas

Working words out, but when it walks this way

Dull comments are crafted like a bad arrow smith

Bowing tongue shoots carelessly into the air

Making foolish words hard to bear

Folly filled phrases fill the numerator

Outweighing the wisdom of the denominator

So my improper words are like improper fractions

Saying things out of pride just for a simple reaction

Hoping to win some attraction, fan-based interactions

But if I sell out wisdom just to be heard

That’s a bad transaction

Let’s put God into the equation

The Trinity whose infinity like beyond

Compared to us, the zeros

If He remains the dividend, we will never end

But if we switch our roles from the divisor

We will be nothing but an ear and eye sore

The words of the foolish are many, so the mouth speaks nonsense by the plenty

But on that day in Acts 2, the spirit descended like fire

Touched lips like the hot coal that made Isaiah inspired

And flipped Peter’s speech to a different tone

As disciples acquired new language without Rosetta Stone

Words will never be the same

We have the breath of a dragon

Not full of senseless drag-on, but passion to pass-on

Our bellies that were once dormant volcanoes awakened

Bringing forth the same flame that Jeremiah couldn’t contain

Consuming listening hearts like a wildfire

With no intentions of bringing down, but lifting souls higher

Just as a small fire flickering amongst twigs can build the biggest flames

A statement of love can crack open eyes to the heavens above

Such an influence can’t be of our own merit

But a power that manifests from our reliance on the Spirit

Our words can be an army that destroys kingdoms

Or a bridge bringing forth His Kingdom

The power of life and death lie behind these teeth

May others feel the warmth of Christ’s love

And not be burnt by words from hell’s heat

That would be wasting words
Posted 06/16/16
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