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We’ve separated each other with walls and doors and locks and fences, and then we look at our separate lives and we plan out time to be together again. We make plans. We break them. Take a raincheck. Run into each other on the way from one lonely place to another. We’ll make time. We’ll unlock our door, briefly. Gotta run. Put your headphones in. Don’t make eye contact. Text. Forget to answer your texts. Go home. Lock your gate. Lock your door. Lock yourself in. Lock everyone else out. Take your headphones out, there’s nobody here to disturb you. Stare at your phone. Eat your supper: one baked potato, some wilted lettuce you’ve turned into a “salad”. Stare at your phone. Wish for someone to talk to. Everyone is busy being busy. Locking themselves inside, away. Do not disturb. We are disturbed enough.
Posted 07/07/15
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