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Stay High

I meet a man in my backyard at dusk

He wears a trench coat like a husk

No one would ever believe my luck!

Masked, headless, hopeful

Amber floating down in our glasses

Above us, the Milky Way 

And the Magellanic clouds that

Quietly bear a cross

I start a fire while you pee

Masked, unbreathing, seeing

My bathroom of river stones

And cross-hatched, sketched breasts

The blinds shaking in the breeze

We watch Tove Lo stay high

But I’m breathing fire 

In and out, to hear the crackle

You arrive with cigarettes

Re-up the vodka in my hand of stone

The animals are inside

But we’re animals, too

So air-hug into the Kansas wind

Later we fuck on the phone:

Oh, the things I’d do to you.

Posted 11/15/20
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