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This Is Barlow

Don’t you want that for me, he says. He is wearing those sandals. He is watching basketball on TV.

Earlier: two bunnies with cotton ball tails, two trains colliding under an apricot sky.  

It is not the only way to get around, but usually I walk.

Red chile sauce looks like blood, when overturned on a sidewalk.

Do not trust a town where bus schedules are not posted.

I am sad, no wait, nostalgic for those tiny strawberries my mother hand-fed me.

A raven chases a jackrabbit into a fence.

My dog jumps at the signs with rattlesnakes painted on them.

If you are not watching the game, it sounds like men, shouting.

Do not drive across the country with your lover.

You will fail. You will wish so hard that jackrabbits had wings.
Posted 05/16/16
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