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Big Star Sutra

It was hopeless 

he had the spider 

inside of him 

the past tense there 

is scary 

you say 

I said 

there are moments 

when the song 

wants to become 

something to run from 

to become a constellation 

shaped like a disease 

named after you 

and all the while 

all my flaws 

they fill me 

with awe 

I cauterize every hole 

to keep the best bugs in 

and God is at my side 

my savior 

spits glitter 

steals a car 

rides joy 

straight to the bank 

to give good blood 

to get free juice 

for being brave 

for these hearts 

they a bitch 

they matter to me

that’s my story

it’s sticking to me 

and it’s always 

all about you 

standing up 

up there 

with your stupid song 

and your stupid  love 

and your stupid life 

and not 

sounding stupid

Posted 03/12/21
for Chris Bell and Alex Chilton and my old friends from the Aster St. house that I can't talk to anymore.
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