31 Readings

King James Sutra

A special transmission

from outside of scripture

pointed directly

up inside

the heart of man

I twist mine

the part most red


toward my lord

or whatever holy something

might want

even me

a teenage symphony

a pure system of spasms

wrecked with sex

I stretch what’s left

along the distance

as real as my skull

the skeleton sang

and so I pray

catch for us the foxes

I sing

catch for us

the little foxes

what fuck up the vines

my southern brain

my southern spine

gone black

but bright

laid straight

made new

next to

a northern soul

she was a girl

cast as the girl

in my movie

my god

I touched her

to touch you

to allow the day

to save itself

to become a scene

in full flower

inside the city

of the dead

I escape


yet afloat

the ferry takes me

to where they wait

for me

the useless trees

of some distant shore

Posted 03/12/21