30 Readings

Lotus Eater Sutra

They did me no hurt

so I stayed with them

found in a field

finding my temper

having my moments

losing weight

punching flowers

jamming traffic

carbonated brown eyeballs

in the gardens of music

I was

and this is for real 

I pissed into the river 

to give it some of me 

all agog 

along every levy 

broken into 

total acid understanding 

I am very 

drunk enough 

to make a point 

the one sticking 

out of me 

a burner phone 

a bone white bone 

I set 

we sit 

green and gone 

and by the time 

you find yourself 

you are somewhere 

in the head 

of everyone 

making the mistakes 

that make people 

that made me 


Posted 03/12/21