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Natural Wonder Sutra

Wild for home 

and wired for doom 

I’m checking for trueness 

playing it backwards 

someone’s saying 

there was a little toolshed 

where he made us suffer 

I’m asking 

can I carry you 

through the snow 

are there arms enough for us 

will you follow me 

through a bad world 

over and over and breathing 

into a breathalyzer 

your long brunette self 

chokes my posture 

so elegant 

the hairline fracture 

everything is almost over 

and I couldn’t feel less fast 

I get wrong with God 

the sky looks at me 

my heart is shaped 

like a heart like 

in a cartoon 

your family gets hacked up 

in a busted sunset 


I am your favorite 

poor thing 

bad blooded 

so speedy 

my own 

and only 

Posted 03/12/21
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