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Sad Punk Sutra

I need to tell you something 

I want to 

so I do 

a friend gave a friend 

a painting that said 

there is something 

to be said 

for being one man 


in a shitty city 

I was born 

beside this river 

the shyest pornographer 

to ever tear himself 

back together 

and here I am 

full of holes 

as holy as shit 

talking into a tape recorder 

the lonesome hearted hunter 

angry with love 

with an anthem for today 

for this is the day 

for this is life 

the very life of life 

like a pretty sunset 

stapled to an expensive sky 

I watch you 

your beautiful head 

kind of vibrating 

held high 

out of everything 

but you 

you don’t even hear me 

as I remember 

another us 

only younger 

I wish I knew you 

gilled and tailed 

and good 

and in your honor 

I sketch a seagull 

for your father 

I promise me 

a promise 

in my skull 

in my next life 

for you 

I will 

still want

Posted 03/12/21