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January Heart dreams of Planet Honda

Tired of risk, the callused January Heart
falls asleep and dreams of Planet Honda

Planet Honda has 6 moons and no gravity
and thrives as the business center

for the Tri-Galaxy Penis and Vagina Corporation.
The heart orders a double short nonfat vanilla latte.

Waking up suddenly, the heart hears foot steps
and finds a pool of blood next to the door.

But it’s just a bad dream, the heart says to the
growing red stain, this isn’t really real.

Looking down to the knife in its left ventricle
the heart remembers with painful clarity.

The murdering rampage of January’s obsession
the kitchen oil fire of hope and longing and love

and the baking soda of truth from a friend
extinguishing the dreams of the January Heart.

The fire alarm keeps beeping for new batteries.
February is almost here.

Posted 01/31/14
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