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Pushing the Envelope

 This summer
I push out,
out of myself
cut off my hair
Vietnamese women
with merry smiles
affix fake nails to my fingers,
pluck my eyebrows
into English gardens,
while the aged crone
curled inside me, spies
on our beauty.

This summer I roar louder
than white-water, as I run the
rapids of the Colorado,
sleep with my face jutting
up to the stars,
uncombed, trusting head
nestled in the path
of Utah rattlers.

This summer I turn inside out,
do my own voiceovers,
hushing the cackle,
handle my zest.
No exhortations of the past
are even on the ballot.
Pure, full out, unstoppable,
make way or die.

Posted 11/04/09
(oldie previously published in Rattle)
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