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when they work                            as she works
50s household hints                  each through the years
galaxies have gathered                    & are aware
some are                                                 some are aware        
M-100 Galaxy Cluster                 Abell 1689
Spiral Galaxy                                   NGC 4603
clumps of stains                         Cygnus looks nebula
our mother's hours                             a blossom brain
spots in her hands                          watering the vitex
um pouchinho                                    those of her angels
a georgics of cleaning               fond worries at times
galaxies are thrifty                      making word color
they resolve to soak                         some galaxies look stained
red on a prom dress                     ooops oops it started
blot you take a towel                  blot blot you pat
cold water never hot                      till you know what
50s household hints                  belief so to speak
thine eye                                                did see my substance
a mother’s calendar                  for we have numbered them
dedicated dactyls                       fall from the sky
Posted 03/19/13
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