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Smart Galaxies Work with Our Mother

in round time                   in their fond resolve
NASA put tints on                              a blue to reuse
matter is unusual                                  Small Magellanic Cloud
Whirlpool Galaxy M51                     around their bodies
resolve to soak                                     to collect a spider
slide paper under                                with talking hands
the mainful mess                                  she blooms aplenty
dust from galaxies                         things to reuse
when I was made                                   in secret
apply salt                                    wine stains on tablecloths
never water                               on oil stains
table cloth spinning                                hung out to dry
102 degree lizard                                   her classical radio
clothespinning spinning                            picnics for decades
the mom is our shepherd                       in the grandeur
in the cylinder                         of the Pledge
she blooms aplenty                      she sweeps with many
galaxies are work                                con jeito she says pronto
Majestic Sombrero Galaxy                           Black Eye Galaxy
who names these things                       decades of effort 
pyroluxia shines out                    shine stretches aplenty
con jeito she says                             to dust under the fridge
Posted 08/06/13
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