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Ink Node, 2009–2021

Ink Node was conceived in Seattle in 2008 by Brian Christian and Evan Nagle, who imagined a different model for what a literary publication could be and how it could operate. The site design was provided by Michael Langan and built by Brian Christian, and Ink Node officially launched in February of 2009, featuring the poem “Same Train” by Aaron Balkan.

Guest Editors in 2009 included Aaron Balkan, Zachary Schomburg, Brandon Downing, and Maurice Burford.

In 2012, Lindsey Baggette joined as Managing Editor, in charge of curating featured poems and coordinating outreach with writers. In 2018, Rose Linke took over as Managing Editor.

Over the last twelve and a half years, Ink Node has been home to 619 poets and 3,044 poems, which have been read a total of over 1.85 million times.

In 2021, after paying site maintenance costs ourselves out of pocket, out of love, for 12 years, we made the bittersweet decision to release our time, focus, and resources for future projects to come.

The site will remain available in an archival, read-only format for the indefinite future.

Mostly what we are trying to say is thank you. To the readers and to the writers who over these twelve years have truly made Ink Node what it is. It has been our great pleasure to see this community take shape, and to read the inspiring work it has produced.

Thank you.

Brian Christian & Rose Linke, Editors

Posted 10/03/21
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