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Breakup Song/Doom Song

Breakup Song

doom eager Flintstone’s kids leaking intel
it’s law sponsorship down auto
till i die feel
like Master P on credit
breakup stitches blank
boo slain miss move dogs
partnership at band practice
legacy da shit find
unidentified jobs bill
the ‘Clooney Festival’

the faltering Red Sox
up in this bitch
out of ring silly world’s
largest rocket video
conjoined twins at the butt
debt ceiling briefs
shacked up with rocker
around the Northwest
Asian stocks climbed a
Virginia Republican
fundraising event
no death penalty dollar falls
past an electronic stock board
outside a securities firm
in Tokyo

you could care less you’re just a quake
‘caretaker state’
say i’m fucked up
Deepwater scaffold falls
hardest-hit failed solar firm
America’s Got Talent
lead guitarist for the band Journey who’s all wet
competing, strategizing, manipulating, giving others a sense of false comfort
shout-outs now you hatin’
welterweight Floyd Mayweather Jr.
woman stop fucking with me
moon rocket another on the horizon
Space Launch System (SLS)
finally some good news
a Senate subcommittee in poor countries a higher risk of dying in childbirth


Doom Song

holding a shovel at Le Bonheur Children’s Fetal Center in Memphis
Medical Director Giancarlo Mari performs a fetal ultrasound on 27-year-old Adrienne Spates
after consuming contaminated cantaloupe
she’s all up on me like class warfare
the safety of air shows
taking no chances trading
loss erases profit
what it described as Nepalese personnel
in Kathmandu a grandfatherly appearance
but when he opens his mouth
he seethes with anger toward women
the Federal Reserve what you need to know
to be productive now
conservative America is making great strides
achieving anti-gay platforms
cancer, diabetes, mental illness, heart disease, and respiratory disease

Google girds the Gaddafi bastion
a more honest debate
last-ditch appeal from death-row
inmate gold climbs
dirt cheap PlayBook

a tablet price war is coming

i joined Forbes’ Silicon Valley bureau
i’ve fed a laptop to a tiger

the reaction on Twitter
what you need to know
to be productive now
some fundamental changes to the way familiar actions work
i’m sitting here alone in darkness
stop building nuclear power plants anywhere in the world
a defense that produced four key turnovers continued to have a blazing hand in leading safety

whale’s killing of trainer
you probably qualify
your mortgage
you haven’t looked into refinancing recently
you may be surprised

footage from plane’s camera
a rebel ground assault
catch the replay bikini war:
Brooklyn vs. Bill Clinton
give me all of that stressful and crippling debt
it doesn’t have to ruin personal relationships

remember these tips
wasting money

we don’t have real-life Tatooine
end your financial crisis mom reveals
wrinkle trick that has angered doctors!
Cheney trying to cause 2012 mischief
ashes to ashes penny stocks are the secret
to buying happiness during the recession
please let me die in solitude

rogue equity trade denies violence in sex assault cases
an active-duty Army captain ready to exhale
don’t ask a "moral error"
Strauss-Kahn tells France
push for jobs push for jobs
Republicans criticize tax on millionaires idea
the 10th anniversary of
change location
possibly from downed plane
key to rally at US event the filthy things
9/11 memorial rubbings
Posted 09/19/11
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